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From statewide voter turnout to margins in the state senate.

Nevada’s elections by the numbers

November 5th, 2014

From statewide voter turnout to margins in the state senate.

  • As We See It

    “We’re more worried about being poisoned by bad milk than being poisoned.”

  • As We See It

    If elected, Lauren Scott will be the first openly transgender state legislator in Nevada—and the U.S.

  • As We See It

    We decided to play moderator! Feel free to take none of this seriously.

  • As We See It

    After a whirlwind week for marriage equality in the Silver State, same-sex couples will finally be able to marry, possibly today.

  • SportsPolitics

    Changing the name of the Washington Redskins is going to happen, Reid says.

  • NewsPolitics

    The decades-long dispute over gay marriage is spinning close to a conclusion, as court cases question the constitutionality of banning same-sex unions, laying the groundwork ...

  • NewsPolitics

    Nevada ranks dead last in per capita federal funding for health, education, housing, science and transportation, according to the Brookings Institution. The Sun spoke with ...

  • NewsPolitics

    The envisioned Interstate 11 corridor could make Las Vegas a transportation hub where freight would move to and from other major cities on interstates 15 ...

  • PoliticsNews

    Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick is no longer proposing to levy an 8 percent tax on things such as movies, gym memberships, greens fees at golf courses, ...

  • Weekly Q&A

    State Senator Segerblom is not afraid to tell it like he sees it—even when it comes to good weed.

  • NewsPolitics

    The ongoing feud between Clark County commissioners and Las Vegas Township Constable John Bonaventura will come to a head Tuesday when the board will discuss ...

  • As We See It

    With homelessness, foreclosure and violence, this city's got a lot of questions yet to be answered.

  • Breaking NewsNewsPolitics

    A gathering of some 50 people at The Beat coffee shop downtown was almost a throwback to the days when Republicans and Democrats acted civilly ...

  • Politics

    Now that politicians across the country are done spending some $6 billion telling us how to vote, the voters Tuesday had a few things to ...

  • Politics

    Campaign 2012 has been a season of twists and turns, upsets and smack downs, chaos and… well, more chaos. Here's a look at how we ...

  • Kats Report

    During early voting at Albertson's, 2011 Miss Nevada Alana Lee cast her ballot -- amid no fanfare.

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  • A&E

    The gaming machines of the future are built by teams of video-game caliber animators and artists—and they’re hitting casino floors today.

  • Nightlife

    The Electric Daisy Carnival juggernaut continues to pay dividends for the Las Vegas area.

  • Dining News

    Also, there's a big food truck fest set for Sunset Park this Saturday and you're gonna want to go.

  • SportsFeatured

    Fans spent the offseason poking fun at the Blue Devils, but Duke has set itself up to get the last laugh.

  • UNLV sportsFeatured

    The Rebels’ team changes each season, but this voice is the one constant.

  • UNLV sportsSportsFeatured

    For the first time ever, the Runnin' Rebels will run on Las Vegas Boulevard.

  • Weekly Q&A

    "We’re always helping other people’s dreams come true, but we never had a chance to do any work on our own place."

  • UNLV sportsSportsFeatured

    The Rebels welcome in eight new players, six of whom are eligible this season.

  • Film

    The effort comes across as desperate and sad, with meager laughs and sloppy storytelling.

  • As We See It

    We put five uncheeses to the test and found some good, some weird, and one delicious.

  • MirageSteve WynnLas Vegas Strip

    Here’s a chilling thought, courtesy of the man who made it all possible: “Ask yourself, if there was no Mirage on the Strip, what would’ve ...

  • A&E

    Face-melting Turkey Day meals, carols with Liberace and a drive to the North Pole (Experience)—it's time to shake your holiday season up!

  • Incidental Tourist

    Annual checkup: The Downtown hotel and casino celebrated its one-year anniversary late last month.

  • MirageFeaturedLas Vegas Strip

    If you were there for the opening of the Mirage 25 years ago, Folk was probably the first person you met.

  • Fine Art

    "It's time to refresh the project, look at options of location and ensure that our communication about the project is more clear than it has ...

  • Dining

    Start with potato pancakes and save room for the rouladen.

  • As We See It

    The race packed 23 obstacles in a punishing 5-mile loop that runners completed over and over again for 24 hours straight.

  • Reviews

    The Downtown stalwart has new owners, a new look and an exciting new Mexican menu.